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by Elvis Goren

ChatGPT consulting is a fairly new phenomenon, but it’s picking up a ton of momentum. Many companies have dedicated budgets to let internal staff figure out the best ways to implement AI into their business to save time and money. While others opt for a ChatGPT consulting firm or expert.

Today I’ll discuss some of the best ways AI (specifically ChatGPT) can be implemented into your business. I’ve performed many of these implementations with my own clients. Note: I will be constantly adding to this list as it is a fast-evolving sector of business.

So, if you’re trying to find ways to implement AI, here are some ways ChatGPT consulting firms are using AI and why you should consider hiring one.

Automated Customer Support

Imagine having a tireless assistant that handles customer inquiries around the clock. ChatGPT can do just that, providing information and resolving issues 24/7. Picture an e-commerce site where customers get instant help with order tracking, product details, and returns. This isn’t just about saving time; it’s about enhancing customer satisfaction.

For example, consider a bustling online retailer struggling to keep up with customer queries. By integrating ChatGPT, the retailer can provide instant responses to common questions, such as “Where is my order?” or “How do I return an item?” This frees up human agents to handle more complex issues, resulting in quicker resolutions and happier customers. It’s like having an all-star player on your customer service team, ensuring that every customer feels valued and heard.

Content Generation and Marketing

This is perhaps the hottest topic in regards to AI implementation. Thousands of businesses are now utilizing ChatGPT to create content. It’s been happening for 2+ years now, and some people are getting really good at it.

Companies and ChatGPT consulting firms have been using the program to create content for social media, blog articles, press releases, email marketing campaigns, and so much more. If you consider the amount of time companies spend on content generation, using AI is a massive time saver.

Keep in mind, however, that overdoing it or improperly using ChatGPT for content can have major consequences. If you care about organic traffic for Google, you will still need to review that content before you post. Google has implicitly stated that over-posting AI generated content will harm your website’s Google ranking and decrease search traffic.

Internal Knowledge Base

Picture an internal Google for your company—employees get instant answers to their questions about policies, procedures, and tools. ChatGPT can serve as an internal knowledge base, drastically reducing the need for constant HR and IT support.

Imagine an employee needing details on an older marketing campaign, including the copy and target audience used, or searching for documentation on how to use specific programs like HubSpot or Zapier. Instead of spending hours digging through files or waiting for help, they can use ChatGPT to quickly search the knowledge base and get the information they need in seconds.

This is where a ChatGPT consulting comes in. They can create this database with all your information. Think of a company intranet, except on steroids. The ChatGPT consultant will also update and improve the functionality of the system as time goes on, making sure it fits to your needs and requirements.

Meeting Summaries and Transcriptions

Transcribing is nothing new. But AI has put somewhat of a new spin on things. Most video conferencing apps these days already have a transcribtion feature. With ChatGPT, you can feed the text through and ask your own questions. “Did I miss anything important?” “How boring was this meeting?” You get the gist.  

Consider a fast-paced tech startup where meetings happen frequently and not everyone can attend every time. With ChatGPT, the team can receive detailed summaries of every meeting, capturing crucial decisions and next steps. This way, even if someone misses a meeting, they can easily catch up on what was discussed and what needs to be done next.

AI-Assisted Brainstorming Sessions

Ever hit a creative block? It’s frustrating, right? That’s where ChatGPT comes in. Imagine you’re part of a marketing team that’s stuck on ideas for a new campaign. You feed your prompts into ChatGPT and boom—fresh, innovative strategies start rolling in.

Think of it as having an endless idea generator at your disposal. Stuck on a tagline? ChatGPT has suggestions. Need a new angle for your ad? ChatGPT’s got you covered. It’s like having a brainstorming buddy who never runs out of ideas, making sure your campaigns always hit the mark.

Drafting Contracts and Legal Documents

Not only is this for lawyers, but it’s a game changer for start-ups and small businesses. Need an NDA? A client contract? A letter of Intent (LOI)? You can spend upwards of $1,000 on a lawyer. But with ChatGPT it’s basically free.

I’ve used this on many occasions. Draft up a client contract, then make sure it complies with the jurisdiction(s) of both parties by providing it with links to regulation websites. If you don’t feel completely safe about it, you can have a lawyer simply review what you’ve created. You will still save a fortune!

Automated Report Generation

If you have documents that are hundreds of pages long or Excel spreadsheets that have thousands of line items, ChatGPT could be very helpful. Dissecting and summarizing these documents into key findings takes just seconds.

Imagine an expense report. You want to find specific line items – Say, the amount spent on trade shows or travel – ChatGPT allows you to pull that data in seconds. ChatGPT consulting firms and experts are skilled in maneuvering these massive documents and extracting just what you need.

Enhanced Client Communication

Communicating with clients effectively is crucial. ChatGPT drafts and personalizes client emails, follow-up messages, and proposals, ensuring timely and professional communication while easing the workload on your sales and account management teams.

Imagine a sales team juggling multiple client communications. With ChatGPT, they can send personalized and timely emails and proposals effortlessly. It’s like having an assistant who ensures no client is left waiting, enhancing customer satisfaction and team efficiency.

Survey and Feedback Analysis

Analyzing customer feedback can be labor-intensive. ChatGPT examines survey responses, identifying trends, sentiments, and areas for improvement. This helps businesses make data-driven decisions without extensive manual analysis.

You can use AI to parse hundreds of comments / submissions, polls, etc. Distill them down into common themes, and then use those findings to improve your business.

AI for Predictive Customer Behavior

Ever wonder what your customers will want next? AI can help with that. By analyzing customer data, AI predicts future buying behavior and preferences. Retailers can then personalize marketing strategies, recommend products, and optimize inventory.

Picture a retailer using AI to understand what customers are likely to buy next. They can tailor their marketing campaigns and keep the right products in stock, boosting customer satisfaction and sales. It’s like having a crystal ball for your business, giving you insights that drive better decisions.

Competitor Analysis

ChatGPT allows you to creatively analyze your competitors in a myriad of ways. I’ve used myself and with clients to analyze competitor SEO – everything from potential target keywords to content that will outperform the competition.

You can even use it to analyze competitors’ websites, and develop sales scripts, or use that data for sales prospecting. The options are never ending.  

AI in Real Estate Market Analysis

The real estate market is dynamic, but AI helps make sense of it. AI analyzes market trends, property values, and buyer preferences to provide real-time insights. Real estate firms can recommend properties, predict market shifts, and optimize pricing strategies.

Consider a real estate agent using AI to identify hot markets and price properties just right. They can offer clients the best deals and stay ahead of market trends. It’s like having an expert advisor who never misses a beat, helping you make smarter, data-driven decisions.

AI for Automated Scientific Research

Imagine you’re a researcher drowning in data. Experiment results piling up, and you’re struggling to keep up. Enter AI, your new best friend in the lab. It can sift through those massive datasets, spot patterns you might miss, and even suggest new hypotheses.

Think of the time saved. Instead of manually crunching numbers, AI does it for you. It can run simulations, helping you see potential outcomes before you even start your next experiment. Need to tweak your experiment setup? AI’s got suggestions.

Thanks for readinig! If you need help with AI implementation, check us out and reach out!

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